The Top 5 Keto Mistakes Shared By Jason Wittrock of

In this video, EAO Myoplex athlete, and spokesmodel of, Jason Wittrock, shares what he believes are the Top 5 Mistakes people make starting out on the ketogenic diet.

Are you struggling with the ketogenic diet? You can’t seem to get into ketosis, no matter how hard you’re trying?

Don’t worry, it happens to many people. But, the answers to your problems are not as difficult as you may think. Small little changes and tweaks to what you eat can get you into ketosis quickly.

When you hear the success stories of the ketogenic diet, you hear about fat seemingly just “melting” off of people’s bodies, sky-high energy levels, increased mental clarity & focus, and more. If you’ve been struggling to get into, or stay in, ketosis, you likely haven’t seen those effects…but you deserve to! Check out these Top 5 Keto Mistakes Jason shares in this video…You could be missing one little thing in your daily diet, habits, and routine.

The Top 5 Keto Mistakes People Make

You can see Jason’s original article on, where he goes into more detail on each of these five points.

1. Being impatient with keto-adaptation

Your body has been running on carbohydrates all your life, so you must be patient with its transition to burning fats, including pushing through withdrawal effects (aka “keto flu”)

2. Not eating enough fat

The keto diet is not just a low-carb diet, it’s also a “super-high-fat diet”…you must change your mindset from fear of fat to “get enough fat” each day.

3. Eating too much protein

Everyone’s body is different in how much protein it can tolerate and stay in ketosis. Eating more protein than your body’s threshold will create a process called gluconeogenesis (when protein is converted into glucose), which will kick you out of ketosis and back into “sugar-burning mode”.

4. Not getting enough electrolytes

If you’ve successfully gotten into ketosis, but you’re struggling with headaches, fatigue, constipation, or lethargy, you may not be getting enough sodium, magnesium, and potassium in your diet…and this is when many people quit the diet.

5. Eating hidden carbs

It’s SO easy to eat too many carbohydrates. You should be limiting your carbohydrate intake to 5% of your daily calories. This means you have to be vigilant about everything you eat. Look at the ingredients and nutritional data of everything you buy, and know what you’re eating and how many grams of carbs you’re eating.

For more details on each of these, check out Jason’s article on, where he closes out saying, “When done correctly, the ketogenic diet can be a lifesaver, helping you both mentally and physically.

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