The Keto Diet Explained – Expert Panel Answers Common Questions & Dispels Myths

In this video from, Steve Hertzler, PhD, and Jason Wittrock are interviewed, expert panel style, to answer the most common questions about the ketogenic diet.

When this Keto Korner site was created, just a few years ago, ketosis and the Keto Diet was a fringe topic, with a very small number of people adhering to the diet at the time, it was unfamiliar to most, and confused with ketoacidosis (potentially fatal condition for some diabetics) by others who had actually heard about it.

…So, it’s exciting as we see more and more experts in dietetics, nutrition, exercise science, physiology, bodybuilding, and athletic performance promote the benefits of the keto diet!

It’s also important to have experts like these explain to people the details of the keto diet, because as the “diet” (or keto lifestyle, I like to call it) has grown tremendously in popularity, many people have come to see it as yet another “fad diet” that will come and go, without knowing the facts about it.

And it’s understandable that so many people resist believing the keto diet could work, because we’ve all been so brainwashed through the years to believe “fat is bad”. Whereas, the main focus of the keto diet is to “get enough fat” for the day, with 75% of your daily calories needing to come from fat. One could also resist the keto diet if they’re afraid of sodium, believing it causes hypertension and other issues, because you’ll need extra amounts of sodium in ketosis, especially your first few weeks.

If you’re in the camp of the curious, uninformed, and wanting to know the truth about the keto diet, I’d recommend you devote an hour to watching this excellent Expert Panel video. I promise you’ll come away more informed on nutritional ketosis, and especially how it applies to athletes.

Meet The Keto Diet Expert Panel Members


Jason Wittrock is a personal trainer, EAS Myoplex athlete, Team spokesmodel, and he lives a ketogenic lifestyle himself, saying in the video that he has never felt better or seen better results than his time adhering to the ketogenic diet.


Steve Hertzler has a PhD in Human Nutrition from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, he’s the Chief Science Officer of EAS Sports Nutrition, a registered dietitian, former faculty member at The Ohio State University, Division of Medical Dietetics, and the author of multiple peer-reviewed research articles and book chapters.

Key Conversations and Points In The Video

I highly recommend you set aside an hour to watch this video, it will be well worth it!

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