Fulfilling Your Rhonda Patrick Binge-Watching Needs…

Dr. Rhonda Patrick offers a wealth of information and knowledge in health, nutrition, optimal human performance, and the physiology of our bodies.

Below are just a few of her videos that have the most relevance to the ketogenic diet and optimal nutrition.


On Intermittent Fasting with Guest Ray Cronise

Discussing Longevity, Performance, Cancer, and More with Peter Attia

The Many Benefits of Adding Sulforaphane to Your Diet

The Effects Of Fasting On Longevity, Cancer, and Multiple Sclerosis

All About Cholesterol with Dr. Ronald Krauss

Rhonda As A Guest On The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

Dr. Patrick has been on Joe’s podcast a number of times, and this is the latest. Joe’s podcasts are long-form, so be prepared for this nearly 3 hour marathon of information you’re about to take in! These are truly my favorite.

How The Gut Microbiota Effects Our Health

You can find out more about Dr. Patrick and learn more from her on her website, Found My Fitness.

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