This Grad Student Overcame Incurable Brain Cancer Simply By Changing His Diet

British grad student, Andrew Scarborough, was studying nutrition when he encountered a series of health incidences that altered the course of his life. What began as migraines mis-diagnosed by his doctors as stress-induced pain, quickly turned into involuntary spasms, unbearable pressure in his head, loss of speech, and ultimately a grand mal seizure, before finally being diagnosed with a golfball sized tumor in his brain.

His doctors said it was inoperable and incurable, giving him only months to live without any treatment. They recommended chemotherapy and radiation, but only to extend his life to 2-5 years. He gave in to having the treatment “after much fear-mongering,” Andrew said, but was determined to find out better methods on his own.

Fortuitously, Andrew had just learned about ketosis and ketogenic diets in his graduate studies, and had been reducing his carb consumption to control his epilepsy.

With nothing to lose, he continued down the path of learning everything he could about ketogenic diets. Reading Thomas Seyfried’s book “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease” helped him understand the effects of a ketogenic diet on cancer.

Listen to the full podcast at Jimmy Moore’s “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” website to learn the details of how a modified ketogenic diet helped Andrew overcome his incurable brain cancer, and exactly what things he learned worked best for him through trial & error and strict observations.

Listen to the LLVLC Podcast with Andrew & Jimmy Moore

And check out Andrew’s My Brain Cancer Story” blog here.

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