The Ketogenic Diet for Cancer

The Ketogenic Diet For Cancer

Traditional cancer treatments are expensive and are often accompanied by extreme side effects, yet not always as effective as we’re made to believe. What if implementation of the ketogenic diet could improve the results of mainstream treatments? Today we’ll explore that thought…

Vast amounts of energy, money, and time have been invested in cancer research. What has been learned is that killing cancer cells is easy. But, what isn’t easy, is killing cancer while NOT killing non-cancer.

Throughout all the scientific research, and through my own reading, when it comes to the underlying cause of many cancers, “All trails have led back to blood and glucose.” – as Tim Ferriss said.

And that is precisely what the ketogenic diet effectively targets: the reduction of glucose…

Exploring How The Ketogenic Diet Can Prevent And Defeat Cancer

Studies have shown the¬†ketogenic diet to be a powerful suppressor of tumor growth in both animals and humans, because it deprives cancer cells of the fuel they depend on (glucose), while the rest of the body thrives on ketones as fuel (which cancer cells can’t metabolize).

Research on the effects of ketosis on cancer cells shows some big advantages in using a ketogenic diet:

Here is a very comprehensive article from Dr. Seyfried, author of Cancer as a Metabolic Disease, on the efficacy and implementation of a ketogenic diet for some kinds of cancer.

Starving Cancer With A Ketogenic Diet

In the video below, Dominic D’Agostino speaks at a regional TEDx event about his research on the ketogenic diet, its effectiveness for treating & managing epilepsy, and its major potential with “starving cancer”.

As you learned in this video, what started out as a Navy SEAL project, and led to a promising mitigation strategy for the oxygen seizures in the form of ketone supplements, ultimately led down a path to an unexpected discovery of a non-toxic alternative approach to cancer treatment in the ketogenic diet.

Does The Ketogenic Diet Cure Cancer?

As Dominic D’Agostino stated on his web site, treatment of cancer with methods including the ketogenic diet, “…would replace the Standard of Care if Big Pharma or the health care industry had the potential to profit.¬† Tragically, metabolic therapy will be largely ignored until someone can “sell” this therapy or if a private donor or foundation funds a clinical study.

He goes on to explain that cancer cells are forced to rely on glucose for survival (Warburg effect) because of mitochondrial dysfunction. So it only makes sense that research on restricting carbohydrates and increasing fat consumption (to lower blood glucose and raise blood ketone levels) would show promising results.

Implementing The Ketogenic Diet And Intermittent Fasting To Prevent Or Reverse Cancer

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I hope you find this information useful and actionable, and if dealing with cancer, it offers you hope. As noted many times throughout the Keto Korner site, I am not a doctor or medical professional, nor do I pretend to be one. Make your own personal medical decisions with medical supervision.

I’m simply passionate about the ketogenic diet as a result of research, others’ results, and my own personal experiences…and I use this platform to curate the best content and information available into one easy to find place. It’s all here for you to read, learn from, and perform your own due diligence to learn what’s right for YOU!

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