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Fighting The Cholesterol Drug War


This is a fascinating piece on statins and ‘big pharma’ exposing the pharmaceutical industry’s tactics used to influence clinical trials (in favor of the drugs they’re testing), national health guidelines (to reduce acceptable cholesterol thresholds and increase the number of people who should buy their drugs), and strong-arming and coercion of medical professionals to prescribe their drugs.

The host of the show sums it up quite well, saying, “Until the science of clinical trials can break free from commercial interests, then decisions about our health rest in the hands of big business.

And, on the topic of statins in particular, when living a ketogenic lifestyle, dramatically reducing your carbohydrate consumption will naturally reduce bad cholesterol levels (LDL)…There is no need to be on statins (in most cases, always consult your physician for your own situation) if you improve your health through simply eating the right foods.

The problem is common, modern, conventional medical advice is usually to eat low fat foods, and have plenty of servings of “whole grains” each day. But, we who believe in and follow eating a ketogenic diet, no better…We know that it’s carbohydrates and sugars that raise levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood – NOT fats.


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