How To Lose Fat In Your Body

Is A Ketogenic Diet The Best Way To Lose Fat In Your Body?

If you’re like anyone who has tried to lose that stubborn body fat, you’ve likely tried multiple diets, and attempted a variety of exercise programs, all in hopes of finding a miracle solution to just melt away those extra pounds…but always being disappointed in less-than-promised results (even if you did stick with what they told you to do).

If that’s you, don’t beat yourself up. It’s all because the creators of most diets & exercise programs are misinformed about how the human physiology really works and under what conditions the body burns fat the best. And for many, it’s no fault of their own, but simply a result of them being taught incorrect information about diet & nutrition in their formative years.

We’ve been told for decades how to eat in ways that are supposed to make us healthy, but instead as a society those ways of eating have made us sick.

On a ketogenic diet, you cut carbohydrates from your diet (there are still some even in many foods that are good for us, so you’ll still have some carbs), and increase your consumption of high-quality healthy fats, switching your body from being a “sugar-burner” to being a “fat-burner”.

Some Tips On Losing Body Fat

The Physiology Of How The Body Burns Fat:

The video below gives some insight on how the process of fat loss actually works in your body:


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