Keto Foods

A List Of ‘Keto Friendly’ Foods

If you are new to eating keto, and find yourself often wondering whether a food item fits into a ketogenic diet or not, don’t worry, MANY of us have been there too!

When you first begin your ketogenic diet, changing your eating habits and lifestyle, it’s difficult for many people to understand and remember which foods are “keto friendly” and which ones aren’t.

So I’ve compiled a list of keto friendly foods here for a primer on understanding what makes foods goo for a keto diet, and also to serve as a handy reference for you in the future.

Keto Friendly Foods To Eat & Unfriendly Foods To Avoid

Before getting into detailed foods in the list, let’s cover a few basic guidelines.

  1. Besides the obvious limitation of net carbohydrates in a food, it’s also wise to avoid processed foods, and any foods that contain preservatives and food colorings.
  2. Eat REAL food. What is “real food”? …Foods like meat, eggs, nuts, yogurt, vegetables and occasionally some fruits.
  3. Avoid foods advertised as “sugar-free”. While they may have fewer carbs than the regular sugared version, the sugar-substitute ingredient present can be a harmful chemical to your body, and can still have just as much metabolic impact as the real thing resulting in insulin creation.

Without Further Ado, The Keto Friendly Food List…

Eat Often

Healthy Fats:

Animal Sources:

Non-starchy Vegetables:


Eat Only Occasionally

Avoid! …Foods high in carbohydrates, factory-farmed meats and processed foods


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